Imagine the open highway stretching endlessly before you – the horizon melting into streaks of gold and amber as twilight sinks in. nothing before you but the wind. Nothing behind you but the thunder from your Harley. Nothing beside you but your mates in an Easy Rider. The roar of the engine is the only thing you hear

Well… imagine no more.

The days of freedom are alive again at Milwaukee Steak Corner- a big bike concept restaurant that bring not only great food but also an absolutely exhilarating experience. Developed from the hugely popular Harley Davidson bikers from the United States, the Milwaukee Steak Corner set-up has immense potential in becoming the next great franchise in Malaysia. Besides that Milwaukee Steak Corner has also added its services in outdoor catering as well.

So hop on that steel horse, put on your gloves and ride with us…


Our way of life
Of course, in every journey there’s always a destination and for Milwaukee, our place is right in the heart and stomach of the fun loving folks which we also call our customers.

Besides dreaming of riding off into the sunset every opportunity we get, it is Milwaukee Steak Corner’s absolute goal to become a home for the weary and a kitchen for the hungry.

As we adjust the goggles on our helmets, the future lies clear for Milwaukee, as it is our aim to be the most successful franchiser that originating from Malaysia.

Milwaukee Steak Corner in the hearts of every biker, rider and diner!

Please feel free to contact us at so that we can attend to your request or feedback